Pruning and Maintenance

We listen to our clients and understand that there can be many reasons to prune your trees. Correct pruning is essential for tree health and strong development and should only be undertaken by qualified Arborists who have a sound knowledge of best practice and approved techniques.

Always choose qualified Arborists to prune your trees, especially large or significant trees, as poor pruning can damage and wound the tree.

Our qualified Arborists can prune your trees to ensure their appearance and longevity by:

  • Shaping
  • Thinning the canopy
  • Crown reducing
  • Crown lifting
  • Removing deadwood and dead branches
  • Removing seed pods or fronds from palm trees
  • Eliminating branches that are rubbing together
  • Removing limbs that interfere with wires, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows or obstruct streets or pathways

Our arborists have sound knowledge in pruning trees in accordance with Australian Standards AS4373-7007 Pruning of amenity trees and tree preservation and protection orders as required by Local Councils.

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Why Choose The Tree Cutting Company?

The Tree Cutting Company is a locally-based team focused on your needs. You can feel comfortable with our qualified, experienced arborists maintaining trees close to your dwelling. We listen to you. We are an approved member of the tree industry body, Arboriculture Australia.

Free replacement plants for tree removal

The Tree Cutting Company is committed to sustainable environmental practices and therefore we are offering all our customers a free replacement tube stock tree with every tree removal.
Find out more about your free replacement trees.

Mulch Special
5m3 Delivered for $99

The Tree Cutting Company is currently offering a mulch special for local residents of Beecroft, Cheltenham, Epping, North Epping, Eastwood, Ryde, Pennant Hills, Carlingford, North Rocks, Cherrybrook, Thornleigh, Westleigh, Hornsby, Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Dural, Galston and more. Call now.

Tree Maintenance Updates