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What is mulch:

Mulch is vegetation cuttings from tree cutting such as leaves, branches, bark and tree trunks.

It is used to cover the surface of soil around your plants.

It acts to keep the moisture in, maintain soil temperature, blocks sunlight to the roots and prevents weeds from growing.

Types of mulch:

There are various types of mulches depending on organic and inorganic sources.

Organic mulches are leaves, bark, grass clippings, sugar cane and are natural meaning they decompose over time to add nutrients to the soil.

Inorganic mulches are pebbles, gravel, plastic, rocks or newspaper which are long lasting but do not contribute to the soil.

Why mulch:

Mulch in your gardens can provide a range of benefits

  • It can suppress weed growth
  • Reduces the moisture loss from the soils surface and can aid in plant growth
  • It adds nutrients to the soil when broken down and can improve the soil structure
  • It can reduce run-off and soil movement from garden beds

At the Tree Cutting Company we want to do all we can to help you keep your garden gorgeous – which is why we’re offering a special on all our mulch, with FREE truckloads of mulch to local residents. This offer ends 30 July 2021.

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