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Palm trees are nice to look at but they can take over your garden. Plus, palm tree removal is good for local biodiversity because they are a non-native plant. Back in the 70s palm trees were all the rage. That’s why so many people want palm tree removal now. Those 70s trees are now getting in the way of your more modern, native Australian garden.

Palm Tree Species Include:

  • Cocos Palm tree
  • Cotton Palm tree
  • Phoenix Palm tree
  • Cabbage Palm tree
  • Washingtonia Palm tree
  • Bangalow Palm
  • Alexandra Palm

Whether your palm tree is cumbersome, in the way or unhealthy, if you want your palm tree removed, you need a qualified and experienced tree surgeon.

palm tree removal and cleaning


Five reasons to get your palm tree removed

1. It’s a non-native tree
2. They’re messy, dropping heavy leaves and seeds that clog gutters, drains and pool filters
3. Some palm trees need annual cleaning that can be costly and time-consuming
4. They’re dated and not in keeping with modern garden design trends
5. They’re in the way of your new garden, home renovation or knockdown rebuild

Palm tree removal cost – is it expensive?

The cost of palm tree removal depends on a few factors, including:

  • Location of the site
  • Does the block slope or have stairs that may make it more difficult for machinery
  • Location of the tree on the site
  • Location of the buildings on site in proximity to the tree
  • Underground or overhead services (pipes, electrical wires etc)
  • If additional equipment of machinery is required (cranes, elevated work platforms etc)
  • Whether all cuttings will be removed from site
  • Will the stump be poisoned or removed with use of stump grinder

Palm trees are very fibrous plants and therefore are a difficult tree to put through the chipper.  Therefore, the vegetation from palm trees are often taken offsite by us and disposed of at a lawful waste transfer station.

Palm tree removal costs – An estimated pricing guide:

Small Palm Trees – between $150 to $400

Medium Palm tree – between $400 to $800

Large Palm Tree – between $800 to $2500

palm tree removal and cleaning

Are palm trees easy to remove?

Palm tree removal is tricky for the novice tree surgeon because the trunk is quite dense. Palm trees have cactus-like spikes that can cause damage if you aren’t wearing the right safety gear.

Our methodical and safe approach starts with removing the canopy. Then we cut the trunk piece by piece. Depending on the location, we can drop sections of the palm tree trunk directly to the ground. If not, we use a rope and pulley system for better and safer control.

Can I remove a palm tree myself?

This can be dangerous if you don’t have the experience or equipment. You may be able to remove the canopy. But without a commercial-grade stump grinder, you have no chance to get it done effectively. Plus, it’s a huge waste of time for a poor result.  So, please leave it to the palm tree removal specialists.

Palm tree cleaning – how does it work?

Some palm tree species need annual cleaning. Especially if you want that tropical, Hawaiian-holiday look in your yard. Without palm tree cleaning they can look a mess.  Plus, because they drop fronds, they can be dangerous. So, we prune the heavy, dying fronds, removing any before they drop off and potentially cause damage to your car, home or neighbours’ property. Also, we also remove any fruit that can also drop and cause damage. Then we give the tree a spruce up so it’s visually appealing. We make sure there’s an even distribution of fronds, and a neatly trimmed tree trunk.

Need your palm tree removed or cleaned?

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