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As Winter is nearing a close and these recent winds have proven to be quite destructive, we thought it would be a good time to talk about the importance of tree pruning.

At The Tree Cutting Company we understand the importance of correct pruning and maintenance of your trees & hedges. Unskilled and unqualified arborists can cause significant damage to your trees and plants, including ruining their aesthetic value and even worse poor pruning techniques by unqualified people working on your tree can wound the tree, damage the tree allowing disease to development and leading to long term damage to the health of the tree and causing it to become unsound, a hazardous tree or die.

Our qualified and industry licensed Arborists have sound knowledge of the Australian Standards 4373-2007 for Pruning of Amenity Trees and utilise the best practices and approved techniques for pruning your plants – our services will ensure the longevity and health of your flora in general.

pruning eucalyptus trees

When To Prune Your Trees

Generally anytime is a good time to prune any visible deadwood, overhanging branches, crossing branches, low and broken branches from your trees to make them safe.  Pruning your trees at the end of Winter/very early Spring is a great way to stimulate new growth.  Pruning during this time usually provides more access to the canopy of the trees as there is less foliage.

Pruning of dangerous or broken branches are of high importance, if hazardous branches are left untreated they can fall, break, become diseased or cause damage to property and human life. 

Should you be concerned about any of the trees on your property and would like an expert opinion please feel free to get in contact with us.

pruning trees sydney

Messy hedge before pruning


pruning hedges

Arborist pruning hedges

Safe And Affordable Tree Pruning

The Tree Cutting Company has been providing the Sydney area with safe, efficient and affordable tree services for 20 years. Our team are industry licensed, qualified and fully insured.

We offer a full range of affordable tree pruning, branch removal, tree lopping and tree maintenance services. We’re experts in:

  • Shaping and thinning of the canopy
  • Crown reducing and crown lifting – making your trees more aesthetically pleasing and letting in much needed extra light to your garden and property
  • Removing deadwood and dead branches
  • Routine pruning to remove weak, damaged or dead limbs and branches
  • Maintenance pruning to preserve the natural form of the tree
  • Removing seed pods and fronds from palm trees – improving the health and wellbeing of your trees
  • Elimination of branches that are rubbing together – so you can enjoy tidy, well-cared for and beautiful trees
  • Removing limbs that interfere with wires, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows or obstruct streets or pathways – ensuring your safety and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your trees, property and family!
  • The overall tree trimming & maintenance of hedges & shrubs


Eucalyptus Tree Pruning And Jacaranda Tree Pruning

Like Mikey the Powerful Owl who resides in the Byles Creek remnant bushland of Beecroft in the greater Hornsby area, we believe that ensuring the longevity of trees is an important step to promote environmental values and conservation.

pruning jacaranda trees

We specialise in pruning the predominant tree species of the Beecroft, Cheltenham, Epping and greater Hornsby area including:

  • large gum trees
  • casuarina trees
  • eucalyptus trees
  • jacaranda trees
  • pine trees
  • wattle trees
  • banksia and
  • turpentine trees


Tree Pruning By The Tree Cutting Company

Our company, The Tree Cutting Company have all the right equipment such as a variety of chainsaws, pole pruners, chippers to make sure the work is undertaken correctly, safety and to the highest satisfaction of our clients.

Tree pruning work can be dangerous, so when you engage us you can feel confident knowing that your tree work will be done correctly with the utmost care to your property.

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