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Tree Protection Zone Fencing

What is a tree protection zone ( TPZ )?

Tree Protection Zone is a designated area around a tree that is to be protected when construction or development works are being undertaken nearby to protect and preserve the tree, the tree roots and the soil around it.

Why do we need tree protection zones?

Tree Protection Zones are extremely important to protect, preserve and maintain existing and mature trees from damage that may be caused during excavation and construction works onsite when building a new home. Trees can be damaged by vehicles, high foot traffic, machinery and soil disturbance.

What are the Australian Standards for tree protection zones?

The Australian Standards are under Protection of trees on development sites AS4970-2009 and is a standard guide for the best practices for planning and protecting trees on development sites.

When do TPZs need to be calculated and how do we calculate them?

Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) need to be calculated for each tree requiring protection.  The radius of the TPZ fencing is calculated for each tree by multiplying its DBH (truck diameter measured at 1.4 metres up from ground level) by 12.

We offer tree protection zone fencing services

The Tree Cutting Company can provide the below services on your development and construction site:

  • Qualified Level 5 Arborist
  • Tree protection zone fencing
  • Tree protection signage
  • Mulching of root zones
  • Branch, trunk and root protection
  • Ongoing site inspections throughout the construction project
  • Certification upon completion

Landscape design is an important component of development and construction. Established trees are beneficial to the build environment and an asset to any development and construction site.

Existing trees that are of an appropriate species can significantly enhance your new housing development by providing benefits such as shading and stormwater retention as well as overall complementing your new house design and landscape development.

The Tree Cutting Company can provide a Qualified Level 5 Arborist to meet the needs of your Council development application DA conditions and construction specifications and our qualified and licenced Arborists comply with local council’s development site conditions and regulations and Australian Standards.

Trees provide an integral element on your property and therefore the tree health and long-term viability needs to be managed during the planning, construction and design phase of any development and construction project.

The Tree Cutting Company protects and beautifies the trees on your residential development building site by maintaining and protecting the trees from the effects that construction works can have on them and their root zones.

Our highly qualified Arborists install, maintain and certify tree protection measures on development construction sites as per the Australian Standard for the Protection of Trees on Development Sites AS4970-2009.

Our qualified Level 5 Arborist will establish the need and size for a tree protection zone and tree protection fence. The Tree Protection Zone is erected around the perimeter of the tree and is extremely important as it:

  • protects tree roots from high traffic and soil disturbance
  • provides root space to sustain a tree’s health
  • minimises interruption to the tree’s growing environment
  • prevents vehicle damage to the tree trunk and branches

We’re also pleased to offer a full range of other arborist services including:


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