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Want to get rid of a tree in your garden?

Tree removal costs can vary widely. The size of the tree is a big factor in the cost.

Tree removal Sydney costs vary greatly however as a guide companies may charge, for smaller trees, expect to pay $150-$1000. For larger trees, the cost can be from $500-$5000. For really large to huge trees or very dangerous trees you can expect the cost to be from $3500 upwards.

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Tree Removal Costs: Questions You’ll Be Asked

Before you ring around to find out about costs, get ready to answer these questions.

  • what kind of tree is it?
  • what is the widest girth of the trunk? (use a tape measure to calculate)
  • how tall is the tree? (it’s okay to have a rough estimate)
  • is the tree dead or alive?
  • are the roots causing disturbance to the ground nearby?
  • are the roots causing structural problems to the property?
  • do you want to keep the stump or have the entire tree removed?
  • is there easy access to the tree – even for wide machinery?
  • is there a sloping block or stairs that make it difficult to access the tree?
  • is there a location for the truck and chipper to be legally parked during the tree removal?
  • is the tree growing near power lines or other high voltage electrical wires?
  • will cutting down the tree get in the way of pedestrians or road traffic?
  • do you want the stump poisoned or removed with a stump grinder?
  • do you want cuttings removed from the site? (some people keep them for firewood or mulching the garden)
  • is there a possibility of gas or mains services underground that could be disturbed?
  • is the job urgent? (say, after a storm and the fallen tree is causing damage)

Costs To Cut Down A Tree

Naturally, the larger the tree the larger the fee to cut it down.

Large trees that are several metres above the ground require special machinery and a team of experts to tackle the job. If the tree is difficult to access for people and equipment, that will slow down the process (and thus incur extra fees). Costs vary, but for a large tree, expect to pay between $500 and $5000 upwards.  This includes climbing the tree and lopping branches, removing the stump, grinding the stump, filling the hole and cleaning up the debris (which will be plenty).

Smaller trees, with narrow wiry trunks, incur lower fees. Typically, you can expect to pay between $150 and $1000 for removal of a small tree.

Can I Save Tree Cutting Costs By Leaving The Stump Intact?

Yes, you can. However, the stump isn’t a great aesthetic for your garden design. Plus it may attract termites or other wood-eating insects. If the root system of the tree is causing problems, leaving the stump intact won’t help.

When you’re comparing quotes for tree removal costs in Sydney, check if stump removal is included, or incurs extra charges. Also check is all of the cuttings and materials are being removed. Some cheap quotes don’t include removing the cut tree which means the company will leave all of the cut tree onsite.

tree removal costs sydney

Cost Of Tree Removal Sydney: Council Fees

You need a permit from your local council to cut down a tree.

In particular, native trees are valued by councils, and they are sometimes reluctant to let them go. So, you may need to present a good argument about why you want to remove it.

You may be asked to plant additional trees to replace the one you’ve cut down. Google ‘tree removal council fees’ with the name of your Sydney area to find out the council policy and charges in your area.

What Is Considered A Large Tree When Calculating Tree Removal Costs In Sydney?

We factor in the type, height and girth of the trunk.

Generally trees with a height at or above a two story house are considered large.

The girth of the trunk can vary significantly and can have 1 or 2 or many trunks however it is typically above 300mm. If you can wrap your hands around the tree and your hands can’t meet (or only just touch each other) it’s a large tree.

There are plenty of different types of large trees. Common large trees found in Sydney gardens include gums, bottle brushes, turpentine, nicholii, jacaranda, brushbox, oak, pines, palm trees, maples and ash trees.

Want A Quote For Tree Removal In Sydney?

Contact us and we can give you a ballpark price to remove your tree or trees, or for an accurate and written quote we will visit your property to inspect the tree and access and other factors and give you a more detailed quote, listing all the inclusions and exclusions so there will be no surprises at or during the tree removal process.

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