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Hornsby Quarry is located on the western side of Hornsby’s CBD.
It is more than 100 metres deep and has steep and exposed sides. The site has been closed for some time now because of safety concerns and Hornsby Shire Council’s plans to re-develop it into Hornsby Park.

Between 1905 and 2002 Hornsby Quarry was owned and operated by CSR Construction Materials but when it became unprofitable council was forced to buy it.

The Hornsby quarry is a historic and spectacular site!
It’s well known as the largest volcanic diatreme in the Sydney region.
The bushland surrounding the quarry site holds significant importance as it includes the blue gum high forest and is listed as an endangered ecological community and a heritage conservation zone.

The mature trees situated in Hornsby Quarry range in size and species. There are many Sydney Blue Gum trees, Blackbutt trees, Black Oak trees, Scribbly Gum trees, Banksia trees, Ironbark trees, Grey Gum trees, Old Man Banksia trees, Red Mahogany trees and Sydney Red Gum trees located in and around the Hornsby Quarry site.

In recent years the Hornsby Quarry has been partially filled in to make it safe with the use of the excavated materials from the building of the North Connex tunnel linking the M1 to the M2.

Hornsby Shire Council plan to turn the site into a new open space for sports, leisure and recreation for the community.

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